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[Mod Approved] Hi /r/beermoney, we're Get-Paid and we'd like to introduce ourselves to the community

Hey /beermoney,
We're Get-Paid and we're here to introduce ourselves to the community and tell you a little about ourselves. We're a site that pays it's users for registering websites, trying products, playing games, completing free offers and filling out surveys.
That's the TLDR version of who we are and if that's all the info you need check us out at: However we've provided a detailed description below of what we offer and what you can expect from using our site:

Vital Information


Coins are our currency which can be earned in many ways such as completing offers,tasks and surveys, watching videos and making referrals. Those Coins can later be redeemed for Cash or Prizes in our store.
To earn coins simply go to our ‘Earn Coins’ section. There you will be presented with a list of offers, tasks and surveys. Simply click on an offer and follow the instructions to complete it.
Earn Coins Image
Winning coins is similar to earning coins, but it consists of some fun and different ways to do so.
These are: playing and betting in games, winning our contest, or betting in sweepstakes (coming soon). To play games, go to ‘Win Coins’ > Games.
Choose a game, place your bet and try to win!
To win our contest, simply earn as many coins as you can during a month.
Win Coins Image
Redeeming Coins is your way to GET PAID.
You can choose from a variety of gifts, or simply Cash-Out directly to your paypal account!
Cashouts takes between 24 to 72 hours, while physical product can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Simply go into our redeem store, choose a product you would like, click redeem, and as long as you have enough coins for redemption, the product will be with you shortly.
If you want to cash out directly to your paypal, simply click on the cashout button at the top.
Reddem Coins Image


XPs are Experience Points.
You collect XP in order to go up levels, which in turn, help you earn more coins !
Collecting XP is FUN !
Simply use the site as much as you can, doing stuff like: completing offers, posting in our forums, playing games, completing our missions and watching your XP goes up !
The simplest and most effective way to collect XP is to complete offers, tasks surveys, and get referrals, all which can be found under the Earn Coins section. For every Coins you earn from the ‘Earn Coins’ section, you will also get the same amount of XP.
There are many other ways to get lots of XP.
Every day, when you login, you get 30 bonus XP, posting in the forum gives you XP, playing games, Liking us on FB and lots of other activities !
Referring friends will get you lots of XP, as well as Coins!
XP System Image


If you are using Get-Paid and you Like it, you can invite your friends, and earn commissions from all of their activities, for life !
You can earn as much as 30% from your direct referrals, and up to %20 from their referrals (2nd tier).
In addition, you get a one-off bonus, when your friends sign up. The simplest way to get referrals is to invite your friends from Facebook and twitter, or via Email.
Simply go to our referrals page and follow the instructions there.
In addition we also recommend making a youtube video with your referral link, or writing a blog.
Referrals Image


Our Monthly contest Runs every month.
The top 10 users who have earned the most Coins by completing offers and surveys, win a prize.
The number 1 winner wins 25,000 Coins (Worth $50) .
Soon, we will be adding weekly and daily contests! In order to win the contest, all you have to do is complete as many offers and surveys as you can. Check your position in our contest page. The top 10 users win a prize.


Levels are how you advance in our ‘GAME’ .
Each time you level up, your earning potential grows, as your LEVEL bonus increases.
Level bonus are bonus coins given every time you earn 100 coins.
In addition, as you level up, you get access to certain locked features. You level up simply by gaining XP .
The first few levels are easy to achieve, but it gets harder as you go up.
Going up the levels is FUN and Rewarding!
Levels Image


Level Bonuses are our main way to reward you for making the efforts to level up, and sticking with us for a long time!
Every time you earn 100 coins, we reward you with a bonus.
All you have to do is level up ! As you level up, your bonuses get bigger !
For example, on level 4 you get a 10 coins bonus, which is a 10% increase,
while on level 25 you get up to a 50 coins bonus, which means your are earning 50% more on your activity !
Watch out for your level bonus notification, on the top left side of the site.


This is another way for us to reward you for sticking with us.
As you level up, you unlock some new cool features, such as : Premium offers categories, Daily Spin, contests, faster payouts and more. Simply work as hard as you can to gain XP and Level Up !


Hall Of Fame, is our Global all time Leaderboard, where users compete with each other to be the best on Get-Paid !
You advance in the leaderboard simply by being active, gaining XP, collecting Coins, Thumbs Ups, and having referrals. Go to our Hall Of Fame page to check your position.
We want you to reach the top !
Hall Of Fame Image


Get-Paid is Social.
You can be part of our social community in a few ways:
The Forums: In our forums we have a mixture of advanced and new users who shares tips and experience on Get-Paid or just chat about Fun stuff. Get-Paid Facebook page.
Our Facebook page is active and you can communicate with us as well as compete in our FB contests . You can also follow us on twitter.
In addition, you can add buddies within the Get-Paid website to chat and share your experience.
Community Image


Come join us at /getpaid for information on daily deals and updates on the website.


Badges are FUN !
As you complete key activities on Get-Paid, you will earn badges .
You earn badges in different categories for different activities on Get-Paid.
In most categories you can get up to 5 badges, with the fifth one being the hardest to achieve . In order to get badges, you need to complete some of our missions:
For example:
And many more..
So how many badges you think you can earn?


We've created a bonus code for Reddit users which will give 100 coins and 100 xp for every user that registers using this link: Bonus Code


We also have an active forum community for people to discuss the various topics surrounding the industry and process of earning 'beer money'. We also create forum topics we feel will help our users, such as the The best way to make $100 a month in


If there is anything we have missed that you might have a question for, check out our FAQ here. This should answer any queries you might have, however if there is still something on your mind then leave a comment and will get back to you straight away.


I believe that is everything! Thank you for taking the time out to hear us out. If you decide to use the site we hope everything goes well for you. Just let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
Good luck!
Link to with Reddit Bonus Code


Will be making a bitcoin donation to /beermoney some time in the next week as a small thank you.
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